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2002-10-01 @ 10:37 a.m.


i can hardly believe the relief i feel having left that job. it was so incredibly stressful at the end. see, there was a "lay-off" package if you will. only no one either in my management or in human resources was too very familiar with exactly how it worked. i ended up having to send three different people, at three different times, a request for information on the package before it actually kicked in. what that means logistically is that i had to stay there and work for a month after i had told my boss i was taking the package. this gave her ample opportunity to make me do difficult, bothersome, stressful tasks that i couldn't blow off because thousands of dollars were at stake. anyway. it was a month of being directly in the line of fire all while doubting my decision to leave.

rest assured it was a good decision. i'm off to a rousing game of The Sims.