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2003-03-14 @ 1:45 p.m.

the sun is so clear, so bright, so clean today. i'm sitting in the recliner, having just made a cycle through all the online job boards. i don't feel like doing my other regular task yet... making the counters in the kitchen visible... gotta save something for the afternoon.

i'm sitting in the recliner -not reclined, mind you- working on the computer and the light behind the curtains is so so so spring that i must open the room to the light.

i'm sitting in the recliner working at the laptop with all this glorius sunshine laying on the floor and draped across the plant in the front window and i decide i need to have this sun ON me. i needed to go outside and be in the sun.

why not, i said

why not go outside and have that sun warm one side while the other chills. why not go outside and... and... and do that little ten-minute mod to the MINI brake light...


i go outside with my two pre-cut pre-stripped pieces of 16 gauge wire only to discover ---- i needed to clean the snow off the car.

(((clean clean clean clean clean )))


my hands are freezing i've gotta go back inside and warm them up before i can screw around with wires.

so i'm in the recliner. doing a little work at the computer. and the sun is still gorgeous. the light is still giving off those deceptively warm vibes.

and so.

i gather up my two pre-cut pre-stripped pieces of 16 gauge wire and head back out to the car. i locate the tail light wire assembly and wriggle it out of it's socket. i'm examining the connections and reconciling pictures in my mind from the online descriptions with the actual wires on the piece. i'm turning it around and planning what little piece of connection magic would be the best.



still out in the practically Spring sunshine

i realized that my fingers were so numb that i'd ripped one of them on a piece of plastic and didn't know i'd done it.


(((think, think, think)))

((( decision:))) it's too cold to do the MINI tail light modification today.


no matter how much i wanted hot- on- one- side- cold- on- the- other, reinvigorating Spring sunshine.


it's still winter.